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Have you ever wondered why things happen the way they do? Christine Alcaraz has recently had several months with a series of happenings that leave her wondering and grateful.

Recently her family decided to move from Mississippi expecting to live in the Fife area because her husband had lined up a job there. Then, that job fell through and they didn’t know what they were going to do. So, they traveled to Wallace Falls and he applied to places north of Seattle. They could only stay at the campgrounds for ten days and then they were asked to leave. That’s when they found themselves homeless. So, she posted in a buy / sell / trade site asking if anyone would be willing to let her family live in a tent in their back yard while they got themselves established. One person responded. That kind soul lives in Lake Stevens and she graciously offered her yard for this family. They have lived in Lake Stevens now for two months and this stress laden period in their lives has restored her faith in humanity and Being Neighborly has been part of this extraordinary experience.

Just to put things into perspective, they now live in their own apartment, hubby is employed and the children are enrolled in school. Their belongings will be delivered shortly. So, with the kindness of others, this family now has a home and a budding sense of community.

Although Christine has only been part of Being Neighborly (BeNe) for a couple of months and hasn’t yet had time to engage with the many activities, she wants her story to be shared on our website so new groups can be created and others will potentially have the opportunity to experience what she refers to as a miracle. In her case the miracle took hold as person after person showed their family kindness. As she watched what happened on the BeNe feed, she knew that something special was going on. One of the first posts she saw was someone asking for help clearing a porch to prevent an eviction notice. Almost immediately there were multiple people helping her. She knew right away that she wanted to be part of that!

There isn’t any specific project or activity that draws her attention; rather, it’s the strong sense of community and observable ways that people are there for each other. That’s what she wants to be part of. She describes her experience as a miracle and knows that we all can create these kinds of moments and feelings by how we respond to each other. She loves that the Being Neighborly purpose is to create the village where this happens every day. Since she has never lived in a place that works this way, her enthusiasm and commitment is strong.

The circle of giving and receiving is drawing her in! She knows that if you are kind to others, it will go around and around. Other things that she has noticed and valued about the Being Neighborly culture is that it is without burden. And, it is respectful, laid back and it strips away fears of judgment.

Ironically, it turns out that her grandparents raised their kids in Lake Stevens and she is also connecting with cousins. The power of kindness has brought her to a wonderful place. It’s a place that Christine is drawn to and excited to become a part of! We’re glad you are here too!

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