Start a Group

If you would like to start a group in your city, please follow these steps:

  1. Use Find a Group to see if a group already exists.
  2. If not, review the materials in Admin Training that explain about our vision, mission and values. If you support these goals, complete the Potential Admin Question Form found below.  Submit the completed form.
  3. Once received, we will guide you towards next steps.

If you prefer, here is a form you can printout and mail in. Potential Admin Questions Form


Potential Admin Question Form

* = All fields are required to be filled out.

Form to be filled out by someone interested in creating a new Being Neighborly group.

  • 1. For each of our rules/guidelines listed, indicate how comfortable you would be PMIng a poster to explain the problems with their post and then deleting the offending post.
    1 = Won't do it ......... 10 = Very comfortable

  • 2. Order these choices according to which you enjoy doing the most. Mark a 0 for those you would rather not do.

  • 3. Rate yourself for each of these attributes.

  • 4. On average, how much daily time do you have for BeNe admin responsibilities?

  • 5. Do you support our Being Neighborly vision, mission and values?