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neighbor karen joined being neighborly in lake stevens

Karen Groff Hendricks

A LIFE CHANGE TO ORDER Karen Groff Hendricks had only lived in Lake Stevens for about a year and a half when she fell ill. She didn’t have any family or friends here. Most can relate to feeling vulnerable under those conditions. She remembers really wanting someone to bring her a Ginger Ale but there…

Christine Alcaraz

Have you ever wondered why things happen the way they do? Christine Alcaraz has recently had several months with a series of happenings that leave her wondering and grateful. Recently her family decided to move from Mississippi expecting to live in the Fife area because her husband had lined up a job there. Then, that…
Tara and a dome

Tara Flannery

What do you do when you are new in town and don’t know anyone? You still value your old friends but realistically the convenience of spending time with someone when there is no significant commute time and no traffic to fight to get to them really does make a difference. So, maybe you have, as…
Being Neighborly making a difference

Sophia Palafox

Even for the friendliest, most helpful and caring people, it can be hard to have to move to a new state and a new town every three years. As part of a military family, that’s a challenge that Sophia Palafox has faced for a long time. About a year ago she moved with her husband…