Pooling Resources and Skills

The Community's Potential

As individuals our resources and skills are limited but when we work together as a community, potential expands! By gathering unneeded items, we create lending libraries which help people save money and storage space. And the benefits of the lending libraries go way beyond the individual benefits because we also we reduce the volume of things ending up in the landfill.


What We Have Set Up

At the BeNe: Lake Stevens group, so far, we have set up these lending libraries:

  • Camping Lending Library
  • Canning Lending Library
  • Costume Lending Library
  • Fitness Lending Library
  • Kid Stuff Lending Library
  • Medical Supply Lending Library
  • Sewing and Crafting Lending Library
  • Technology Lending Library
  • Wedding Lending Library
Lending Libraries

Our Lending Libraries make it easier for neighbors to share resources, reduce individual expenses while also reducing what end up in the landfill.